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Specialist Retailer

We have been working with a specialist retailer founded over 20 years ago. They supply their great tasting products at a much lower price than the market leaders and look to produce exciting new products to supply to consumers and wholesale partners across the UK and within Europe.

The specialist retailer had an old, outdated PBX system which was not fit for purpose, this became apparent during lockdown when the phone system could not cope with the volume of incoming calls which were subsequently going to voicemail. Unable to divert calls with their PBX system meant remote working wasn’t possible, staff working from home were also unable to connect to features such as video conferencing and sharing as their current PBX system couldn’t deliver. As the retailer’s previous system integrated with their door system, this also needed to be upgraded to work with the new solution that we deployed. A new video conference system was required by our client as they work with wholesale partners in the UK and overseas and host a number of video/conference meetings something that was essential especially during COVID.

We replaced their existing PBX system and provided them with a Teams integrated system, which enabled them to make business calls while at home, on the road, or in the office using video and sharing functionality offering more mobility and flexibility. We provided an updated integrated door entry system which would work with the new solution provided and updated their conferencing facilities with a compact video bar and camera. We deployed a new modern system that would integrate with Microsoft Teams and cover the full range of each meeting room.

The solution we provided had a host of benefits to the retailer with Teams Talk providing employees with tools that made collaboration more efficient for those working remotely. Teams can now be used with a variety of components and devices and therefore, gave the retailer more options to select hardware that fit with their budget and meet their requirements. The door entry system restricts unauthorised access to their site, protects staff and reduces damage and theft, there’s no need for keys which can be lost or forgotten and therefore reduces cost of replacements. The conferencing system has cloud video services inbuilt so no PC is required, and provides clear and crisp quality. Wireless sharing allows the users to collaborate from their devices without cables and the retailer can host video conferencing meetings with consumers and partners, working more efficiently.

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Communication is key when helping new clients

The problem facing the business on this occasion was related to a breakdown in communication. They had reached an impasse with their current provider, which was refusing to release tech funds due to IES.


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