International sports brand appreciates LM Global’s get up and go

success story

One of the world’s leading sports brands, with more than 1,000 retail stores worldwide, came to us when other telecoms companies failed to deliver.

The international brand has a large comms estate which ensures their stores run smoothly and efficiently, but they encountered a problem in the run-up to the important launch of new UK stores. Other telecoms companies were quoting them three to four months to provide fibre connectivity while their planned opening was just over a month away.

Naturally the brand wanted to avoid any delays in opening the store to prevent increase of costs and loss of revenue. They were also interested in a store refit and relocating the comms room, which would involve moving and extending internal cabling. Again, the lead times quoted by other telecom companies and the paperwork involved would take too long for their launch window.

LM Global co-director Mike Mead said: “We were delighted to help solve a tech problem for one of the world’s biggest sports retail brands as they prepared to launch new stores in the UK.

“While national and regional competitors quoted the brand around 3-4 months to provide the service they needed, we showcased our ‘can-do’ attitude by coming up with a much faster and highly effective solution for the short-term while also scoping out a longer-term plan with back-up options to ensure the brand had the tech support it needed for a hugely successful launch.

“This has led to a new relationship build on trust and mutual respect, and we’re excited to continue working with this major sports brand in the future.”

LMG provided a short-term solution of 4G/5G connectivity to get the store up and running while waiting for the fibre to be installed. Internal cabling was then arranged for the store refit and the comms room relocation in much faster lead times than competitors. The 4G/5G connectivity solution also works well for disaster avoidance and can be used as a back-up solution if there are any issues with the fibre connection. This can be rolled out as a back-up solution to other stores currently serviced by fibre – all part of our multi-layered plan to support the brand over the short and long term and troubleshoot problems before they happen. The world famous brand was so happy and impressed with our fast response times and the simplicity of our solution that a long-term relationship has since developed.

Thanks to our ‘can do’ attitude and customer first approach, the brand’s new retail store was able to open on time preventing any loss of revenue for the company. The store refit was also completed on time with the internal cabling completed in order for the comms room to be moved to its new location.

LM Global Telecoms is delighted to support businesses and organisations of all sizes, with digital solutions, telecoms and connectivity, with unrivalled attention to detail and client support at the most cost-effective prices.

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Communication is key when helping new clients

The problem facing the business on this occasion was related to a breakdown in communication. They had reached an impasse with their current provider, which was refusing to release tech funds due to IES.


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