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Instrumentation Electrical Services Ltd (IES) were working with another telecoms provider when they first approached us last year and had found themselves in a difficult situation.

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The problem facing the business on this occasion was related to a breakdown in communication. They had reached an impasse with their current provider, which was refusing to release tech funds due to IES.

While IES were not an LMG customer, they had dealt with one of our directors when he worked for a previous employer and came to us for help. Naturally, we were delighted to step in and help IES using our industry expertise and knowledge. They asked us to liaise with their provider and negotiate the release of the money, which had been set aside towards hardware for the duration of their contract and was needed to reinvest in the business.

LM Global Telecoms co-director Terry Lewis said: “When a breakdown in communication threatened to cause financial problems for a North-East business, they turned to LM Global for help. Our expertise working with organisations of all sizes, around the world, proved invaluable in this instance, and has led to a new working relationship with IES.

“Sometimes a solution is not about technology, but about communication and through our years of working in the industry we know how to speak the same language as large and small telecoms providers, while offering our own unique and more personalised services.”

Using our years of experience and insight, we advised IES on how best to approach the provider and persuade them to release the funds. In the end, the telecoms provider paid IES the rebate due from their tech fund and IES were so impressed with the outcome that they decided to work with LMG on an ongoing basis by signing a new mobile phone contract with us.

Terry added: “Thanks to our timely intervention, much needed tech funds were released to IES, and we are now working with them on a longer term to provide mobile phones for their business.”

Based in Stockton, IES provide complete electrical distribution packages, from simple cabling installations to complete substation design and builds and employ a team of specialist engineers who work across the North.

John Mason, IES Operations Director, said: “LMG provided the help and support when we needed it, so it was an easy decision to move our mobile estate over to be managed by them. The transfer process was a smooth and painless exercise, and we know they are always there to help and take ownership of any issues that may arise.”

LM Global Solutions is delighted to support businesses and organisations of all sizes, with digital solutions, telecoms and connectivity, with unrivalled attention to detail and client support at the most cost-effective prices.

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