Communication is key in helping major travel and tourism fly high

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We were approached by a major travel and tourism company whose telecoms issues were causing serious problems.

The company connect leisure and business passengers to more than 80 destinations directly, and even more worldwide through its extensive hub network. Welcoming millions of people annually they are responsible for contributing £1.16 billion directly into the regional economy every year. It is therefore vital that they have efficient, effective, and reliable telecoms systems.

Unfortunately, the company was having continuous problems with their current network with poor reception in certain areas. This was impacting their staff causing serious problems when it came to making urgent business calls. Poor reception led to calls dropping, slow data speeds and undelivered texts. Their incumbent provider was not based locally and waiting in queues to speak to their call centre was time consuming. This was where LM Global Telecoms came in.

After being invited to respond to a tender, we arranged a meeting with the customer and carried out intensive network checks and trials before proposing a solution.

LM Global Telecoms co-director Mike Mead said: “We showcased our personal touch and 1-on-1 approach to customer care when working to help solve this client’s telecoms problems.

“One of the issues this client was having with its current provider was having to wait in long telephone queues to get through to customer service call centres. This was costing them both time and money. Instead, we were able to offer instant access to a dedicated team and face-to-face meetings.

“This was a prime example of how important telecoms can be to an organisation. Poor reception problems were having a disastrous effect on a wide range of important business functions for this global travel and tourism company. We were able to quickly scope out and deliver a highly effective solution for the client that resulted in significant savings in expenditure and most importantly, an excellent and reliable new telecoms service.”

We were able to devise a solution where we would port the customer to another network with better reception and substantial savings on their expenditure. As a local supplier with a focus on exceptional customer service, we can also provide instant access to a dedicated team for anything mobile-related, which immediately reduces the time spent in a queue to a call centre. We also assured the company that being local, we could also be on site in no time to provide support. We love going above and beyond to help.

The Travel and Tourism client said: “We were delighted to partner with LMG. When selecting a provider, as well as the service and commercial aspects, we also consider other similarities in vision and outlook, and with LMG’s carbon neutral status, it showed us we were working with a forward-thinking provider who could help us achieve our objectives.”

When it came to delivering our solution, the entire porting process from the incumbent provider was managed to ensure a seamless transition that led to no loss of productivity or disruption of service to the users. There is no loss of service or poor reception on the new network. This major travel and tourism company now knows that when they call for support, they will get through to their dedicated LM team who will take total ownership of the issue until its resolution.

LM Global Telecoms is delighted to support businesses and organisations of all sizes, with digital solutions, telecoms and connectivity, with unrivalled attention to detail and client support at the most cost-effective prices.

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Communication is key when helping new clients

The problem facing the business on this occasion was related to a breakdown in communication. They had reached an impasse with their current provider, which was refusing to release tech funds due to IES.


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