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When we were approached by a leading education provider to help upgrade their telephone system, it wasn’t just a case of equipping the organisation with new technology but also providing a future-proof solution for years to come.

The organisation’s telephone system is vital for its 150 home-working staff to stay connected, but their current outdated technology was coming to the end of its life and was already limiting certain types of calls. At the same time, we were also facing a tight deadline to upgrade the business to a new fit-for-purpose system and get everything up and running over the course of a single weekend. As always, we were up for the challenge.

The education organisation works to improve outcomes throughout the world, using expert research to transform schools, systems, and lives. Communication is key to their work and the organisation would have faced massive disruption if their telephone system wasn’t upgraded in time.

LM Global Telecoms co-director Gary Luther said: “We were delighted to help this national and international education organisation. The customer contacted LMG as their telephony system was end of life and there was a deadline to transfer them onto a new system. The deadline ran over a Bank Holiday weekend, so our engineers spent the weekend switching the numbers over ready to be operational.

“As the users were working from home, they were using their own home broadband connections, many of these have SIP ALG enabled which blocks VoIP calls. LMG needed to support this and provide an alternative solution.”

He added: “We moved the customers telephony onto the new mobile and PC based system which provided them with a future proof solution. Even if the user changes their mobile or PC, they can take the landline with them.

“With regards to the issues resulting from the users working from home and using their home broadband LMG ensured use of their mobile device over 4G/5G. This overcame the issue of VoIP calls being blocked. We’ve received excellent feedback from the customer on the service provided by our team.”

LM Global Telecoms is delighted to support businesses and organisations of all sizes, with digital solutions, telecoms, and connectivity, with unrivalled attention to detail and client support at the most cost-effective prices.

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