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When we were approached to support Sunderland-based Community Interest Company, we knew we would be helping a very important and worthy cause.

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When we were approached to support Veterans in Crisis (VICS) a Community Interest Company based in Sunderland, we knew we would be helping a very important and worthy cause. Veterans and their families can face a number of difficulties when it comes to re-integrating back into society. One of the biggest issues for veterans can be social isolation, loneliness, and an inability to access resources and communicate with friends and family. This was exacerbated by a lack of digital skills, access to technology and multiple lockdowns due to the recent pandemic.

We were tasked with finding a digital solution to assist in alleviating these challenges and related problems for veterans and their family members, some of whom had no digital knowledge at all. For us, this meant coming up with both a solution to the immediate problem, but also a way to empower veterans to help themselves over the longer term.

LM Global Solutions co-director Terry said: “As a society, we owe our veterans a great debt. This was one of the many reasons we were delighted to help Veterans in Crisis with digital solutions to a wide range of problems facing its members, from social isolation through an absence of IT skills to being unable to access vital resources through a lack of technology.”

Veterans in Crisis provides support, counselling, and training for ex-service men, women and their families. Their mission is to do everything they can to get veterans in crisis back on their feet, however long it takes. It doesn’t need to be a crisis situation either – all veterans are welcome.

Terry added: “We worked closely with VICS to provide tailored digital solutions and tools specific to the issues facing veterans today, while also empowering them with IT skills and training, covering topics such as social media, using the internet, and making video calls to loved ones, so that they feel more confident using technology to make positive changes to their day-to-day lives over the long-term.”

LM Global Telecoms supplied and configured tablets with a data allowance, at no cost to the user, enabling veterans to look for work, apply for benefits, housing and NHS prescriptions. The tablets could be used at the Veterans in Crisis centre or at home. Training sessions were also scheduled for the veterans to learn digital skills including topics such as how to use social media and make video calls on their tablets. These were chosen to help reduce the overall feeling of social isolation and allow veterans the chance to integrate back into society using digital tools as a means of communication.


“I was asked if I wanted to be part of Project Connect, I was given a tablet with data and they also taught me how to use it. I don’t go out a lot so now I can keep in touch with what’s going on, I am part of a WhatsApp group so I can talk to other members of VICS and I have also learnt how to use different apps. I didn’t have a clue how to use any technology before this but I’m getting better all the time”. Anon aged 54.

To find out more about Veterans in Crisis and the vital work they do, go to: https://www.veteransincrisis.co.uk

LM Global Telecoms is delighted to support charities, businesses, and organisations of all sizes, with digital solutions, telecoms and connectivity, with unrivalled attention to detail and client support at the most cost-effective prices.

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