Professional IVR prompt recordings and streaming on-hold and in-queue music services, geared towards improving the caller experience. We record in over 50 languages across 60 countries globally.


An innovative prompt recording, in-queue and on-hold audio solution. Enable every customer bespoke audio compilations and improve call management. Messages recorded by one of our 300+ voice artists or best of breed text-to-speech (TTS) characters. Following a simple, one-off integration, customers can order prompts and messages, and choose one or more music tracks


Carefully selected voices with accents suited to corporate telephone systems. We only choose professional voice artists who specialise in telephony work, with their own studios at home they are typically available to turn around recordings at very short notice.

We record in over 50 languages, with a wide range of accents and dialects. Our regular voices are carefully chosen to have a suitable corporate accent for mainstream telephony use, and if you need a specific accent, we can offer access to other voice artists.


The major advantage of Text to speech is that it is near instantaneous – so ideal for delivering instant recordings when speed is important. We offer customers the ability to compare the best of breed TTS characters to find the one that best matches the tone of voice they are seeking.

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