Corporate Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi delivers so much more than connectivity. Our solution helps you to understand your customers, who they are, where they are from and how they use your business whilst delivering real-time advertising and increasing engagement, all from a simple to use Wi-Fi platform. This is then followed by marketing automation allowing access to powerful email and SMS platforms along with Wi-Fi advertising.


Our cloud-based Wi-Fi platform provides an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required. Set up is simple and everything is managed via an online portal.

The analytics enable you to access a wealth of data to help you build detailed visitor profiles and better understand how people are interacting with your venue.


Our Artificial Intelligence tools analyse millions of unique GPS data records every month which are then matched to our proprietary place database of over 150,000 town centres, retail locations, green spaces, and businesses. We capture big data for marketing purposes, aid operational teams to get businesses up and running, and help FMCG brands get their products into the hands and mouths of customers. All by using guest Wi-Fi.


If you provide WiFi accessible to your customers then its 100% your responsibility to ensure your internet connection is secure, demonstrating that you have took all reasonable steps. We do block content that is unsavoury or unwanted. E.g. Adult Content, Drugs, Terrorism & Hate, Hacking – in fact, over 36 different categories and we can also Whitelist and Blacklist certain websites! We don’t just block websites and categories, we enforce Google Safe search blocking other threats such as Botnets, Cryptomining, Malware, Phishing and deception.

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