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Bodet Accredited Partner

Bodet Accredited Partner

Bodet are dedicated to improving efficiency, communication, and safety across your organisation with bespoke solutions designed specifically for your industry sector.

LM Global Telecoms are accredited Bodet partners providing installation and support for solutions such as Time and Attendance solutions, Fire Roll Call systems, Clocking In solutions and Access Control systems. LM Global Telecoms can help to design, source, implement and support Bodet solutions anytime, anywhere.


Time & Attendance Management, essential features for managing human resources, with an intuitive approach centred on usage and users. Management of staff attendance, absence and activities, Bodet software makes planning schedules simple, it allows an organisation to adhere to its legal obligations and to streamline its organisational management of personnel. The objective is to make efficiency gains and to support well-being in the workplace.


Access control solutions, to secure the flow of employees and visitors within companies. Bodet Software offers a comprehensive system to control access and secure your premises, so you can control and filter access, specify customised access rights, monitor buildings using video surveillance and set access rights according to your staff work schedule. Its suitable for all sizes and sectors or organisation, regardless of the level of security required and offers a modular, scaleable solution.

Lockdown alert, Class Change, Synchronised Clock and PA systems for Schools

Increasing safety, communication and learning time in schools. The core benefits include, enabling schools to broadcast a distinct lockdown alert using a range of wired and remote trigger methods. Class change alerts are automatic, synchronised and easy to schedule and school clocks always show the correct time. Different zones can be created, each having specific alert times, melodies and live or recorded announcements. Control of utility services such as heating, lighting and access control.

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